£20k Gaming PC to End All Gaming PCs Has Seven Graphics Cards and Eight SSDs

By Gerald Lynch on at

I've seen some pretty special gaming PC set ups in my time, but this? This? Words can't even begin to do justice to the insanity of the LinusTechTips monster rig.

With components costing $30,000 (around £20,500), a single tower case holds seven Radeon R9 Nano graphics cards, eight 1TB SSDs and 256GB of DDR4 RAM. Essentially, it's seven computers in a single case – two Xeon E5-2697 hyperthreaded 14-core processors pump out the equivalent of a quad-core CPU for each of seven virtual machines, running off the shared CPUs. With the machine virtualisation, it means that the rig can play seven PC games simultaneously, each to a graphical settings standard that would rival a top-flight standalone gaming desktop.

Excuse my while I now go and cry as I attempt to get a steady 60fps in Fallout 4 on my lowly machine. [LinusTechTips via Kotaku]