After 84 Years, Lego's Made its First Wheelchair Figurine

By Gary Cutlack on at

Lego has finally yielded to public pressure to add a little more variety to its physical forms, showing, for the first time, an adult male minifig in a wheelchair.

The image comes from the Nuremberg toy fair, where Lego was demonstrating some of the new sets parents will be moaned at into buying this Christmas. Promobricks took the photo of the new collection, which shows a fashionable young man in a wheelchair -- righting some previous wrongs where the only portrayal of disability in the Lego universe was an old wheelchair-bound man that was part of a Duplo range.

The young chap is part of forthcoming set 60134 officially known as Fun in the Park, a collection of 14 mostly able-bodied minifigs pottering about in the outdoors. The set also includes a woman who's been put in charge of a lawnmower and another woman doing some painting.


And look! A man pushing a baby in a pram, an aggressive cyclist riding his bike too fast on a footpath, and a paedophile menacing two children on the roundabout. How very modern. That hotdog had better be vegan, though, or it'll all kick off on Twitter. [Guardian via Ubergizmo]

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