Altec Lansing Wants DJs to Livestream Everything With These Camera Headphones 

By Kate Knibbs on at

Altec Lansing, a company potentially owned and operated by Satan, has created a new type of DJ headphones with a 1080p camera built in, and wifi to stream video instantly.

Yes, this company saw a hole in the market and said: We must, must, must give DJs a way to express themselves through the power of livestreaming.

Yes, Altec Lansing was the change it wanted to see in the world and that change was that the worst guy from Econ who wouldn’t shut up about Skrillex will never again be left wondering how to display his audiences’ reactions to his powerful jams.

Here is a quiz to see if you should buy these headphones:

Q: Are you a DJ?

a) No

b) Whaaaa? Auu?

c) Yes

Whatever you picked, the result is no. No, you shouldn't buy these headphones. [Engadget]