Amazon Says its Drones Will be Like Sensitive Horses

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Rather than simply saying that its delivery drones will be able to automatically detect and dodge obstacles, Amazon has fallen back on a rather unusual analogy to assure us that its flying machines won’t cause chaos in the skies. Paul Misener, the company’s VP for global public policy, has decided that the best way to explain how they’ll work is by comparing them to horses. Okay…

"If you have a small tree in your front yard and you want to bang your car into it for some reason, you can do that," he said this week. "Your spouse might not be happy with you, but you can do it. But try riding a horse into the tree. It won't do it. The horse will see the tree and go around it. Same way our drones will not run into trees, because they will know not to run into it."

Thanks for that, Paul. He’s also revealed that Amazon is currently working on a range of different models, with each type designed with specific conditions and requirements in mind. Some, for instance, will be suited for use in hot, dusty climates, while others will be built to withstand rain and wind.

Amazon’s also trying to work out how to tackle the issue of customers living in blocks of flats. We're simply struggling to get the image of Pegasus out of our heads. [Verge]

Image: Marybeth via Flickr

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