Apple's Next Big Thing Could be VR, Not a Car

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've been hearing reports and rumours that Apple is developing some sort of car for quite some time, but new reports claim that's not the top priority for the company that have us the iPhone. Word is Apple's next big thing is, unsurprisingly, virtual reality.

We've heard rumours like this before, but according to The Financial Times Apple's interest in the VR is a lot further along than people thought. Apparently Apple has built itself a sizeable team of engineers and researchers with experience working with virtual and augmented reality. The bigger news, however, is the claim that Apple has actually built a number of prototype headsets in recent months.

VR isn't really something that Apple has discussed in public, but then again it rarely talks about anything until the official announcement. That said, since Google, Samsung, Oculus, and HTC already have VR products of their own, it's unlikely that Apple isn't working on any solid plans to enter the market.

If you needed any more evidence that something is going on behind the scenes, Apple has just hired one of the leading experts in VR. Plus, earlier this week Tim Cook was quoted as saying that "In terms of VR, I don’t think it’s a niche. It’s really cool and has some interesting applications." [Financial Times via BGR]