Ballsy Amazon Reportedly Plans to Replace Android on Your Smartphone

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

You’ve got to admire Amazon’s balls. Despite producing an absolute stinker of a handset in the Fire Phone, the company’s still hell-bent on grabbing a slice of the smartphone market, and is reportedly trying to shoot down one of the big boys. Jeff Bezos and co are said to be in talks with Android device manufacturers, and are trying to convince them to part ways with Google.

While its shopping apps already come pre-installed on a bunch of Android devices, Amazon appears to be seeking much deeper ties. It’s believed that the company ultimately wants to create a phone that would run something similar to Fire OS, though without any Android reliance.

It’s a stonkingly ambitious plan, considering both Google’s massive presence in the market and just how bad the Fire Phone was. Names of manufacturers have not yet been revealed, though we expect Amazon would target the lower end of the market first. [The Information]

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