Banksy's Latest Artwork is a Fancy Link to a YouTube Clip

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Mystery graffitist Banksy has confirmed that he created the new Les Mis-inspired artwork outside London’s French embassy. The piece appeared yesterday, and shows that little girl from the posters crying as tear gas billows up towards her face. It's the artist’s latest criticism of Europe’s handling of the refugee crisis.

That’s not all, though. For the first time ever, Banksy’s made his piece INTERACTIVE, by plopping a QR code (stencilled, not sprayed) beside the girl. After scanning it on your mobile, you can watch a seven-minute video of a recent police raid on 'The Jungle' -- aka the Calais refugee camps. The YouTube clips shows teargas, rubber bullets and concussion grenades being used against the refugees, and it's all rather sad to see.

Late last year, Banksy hit up Calais with an image depicting Steve Jobs as a refugee, highlighting that the late Apple co-founder was the son of a migrant from Syria. That’s reportedly now been defaced, with naughty people breaking the protective glass shield and scribbling over it. [Telegraph]

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