Best Worst Thing of the Week: Museum Selfie Day

By Gary Cutlack on at

Turning your back on and holding a screen up in the opposite direction of an interesting object from 592 AD is today's hot internet task, with the day being declared official Museum Selfie Day.

It's been declared official Museum Selfie Day by culture enthusiast mum Mar Dixon, who's done a few now, and says the idea is to promote going to see old pictures and things like swords that may have actually killed someone once.

Some people are taking it seriously, with the day being used by a wide variety of museums to engage in a bit of internet banter for once, instead of simply responding to queries from worried dads about parking and opening times and whether there's a shop/cafe on the site. Some are taking it less seriously:

Obviously we all have to say museums are great and learning about old stuff is fun, as it kind of makes you think about how lucky we all are to have Wi-Fi and lattes and crisps and duvets that are probably too thick even for the winter, but... selfies? In a museum? Surely we should be encouraging thoughtful introspection in such places, not yet more eyebrow-posing and pouting in these sacred learning establishments?

It's only one step away from the funeral selfie. [Museum Selfie]

Image credit: Twitter

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