Blackpool School Massacre Threats Came Despite Social Media Warnings

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The headmaster of Montgomery High School, which was subject to massacre threats over the weekend, has revealed that students were taught about the dangers of social media ahead of the Christmas holidays. The Blackpool school has been under police protection this week, after an anonymous Facebook user claimed he was going to shoot as many people there as possible.

Fortunately, no attacks took place yesterday, but teachers, students and parents are understandably on high alert. “Just before Christmas we led assemblies on the appropriate and inappropriate use of social media,” said Headmaster Tony Nicholson. “We had a drama group who came in and did sessions with pupils.”

It’s a worrying admission, as improved education is so frequently offered as the most effective way to tackle the issue of social media misuse. Police say that they’re investigating leads, and have offered assurances that the school isn’t under ‘credible’ threat. [Fleetwood Today]

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