Bookmark Your Favourite Websites in Your Mac's Menu Bar

By David Nield on at

If you’re the type of person who opens a million tabs in a single browser window, here’s a trick that might bring you some relief: You can reduce tab clutter in Safari (or Chrome or Firefox) by shifting some of your favorite websites to the menu bar in OS X. That means your favourite website will be a click away whether you’re in your browser or not.

Here’s how to pull off the trick: We used the £1.49 Air Browser app, and it couldn’t really be any simpler to use. After installing, click the plus icon to enter a new URL, and it will appear along the top of the app window as a tab. You can choose to limit these tabs to icons only, and you can also set whether Air Browser launches at startup through the program’s preferences.

You won’t get all the bells and whistles of your regular browser, but you can click around the web as normal, making it perfect for those sites you just want to check in on every now and again. The same end result was also previously possible with the help of an app called Fluid, but that app sadly seems to have been discontinued.