Boris Johnson Set to Reveal London's Giant New Poo Pipe

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Boris Johnson is set to present London’s massive new shit pipe later today. Thankfully, it’s not his backside, but the 75m-deep Lee Tunnel ‘super sewer’, which stretches 4.3 miles long and runs between Thames Water's Abbey Mills pumping station and Beckton sewage works.

It’s not the most glamorous thing in the world, but has been described as the biggest development of London's sewers since they were first constructed back in the 1860s. It cost a whopping £678 million to build, and should improve the make-up of the River Thames and River Lee, as well as significantly increase the capacity of London’s sewage network. Being three double-decker buses wide, it'd take a hell of a fatberg to clog this bad boy up.

However, if you think that’s impressive, you want to hear about the Thames Tideway tunnel. Construction will begin later this year, but the sewage system is set to be a massive 16 miles long, running from Acton to Abbey Mills. It’ll represent the biggest infrastructure project ever undertaken by the UK's water industry. [SkyNews]

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