Openreach Pretends Everything is OK and Promotes Man

By Gary Cutlack on at

With Ofcom about to come to some sort of conclusion about what to do with BT and its Openreach division, it's business as usual on the infrastructure front -- with existing employee Clive Selley winning the battle to become its new CEO.

Selley was previously BT's chief exec of the technology, service and operations team, so he's not got far to carry his Star Wars toys and the photos of his wife and kids. He delivered an opening message to his company and to anyone else who's listening at Ofcom and within the government, saying: "Openreach is at the heart of the UK economy with our open access network underpinning a ferociously competitive broadband market. That has benefited consumers and businesses greatly."

He'd also like his staff in the vans on the street to be happy, adding: "The engineers are the lifeblood of Openreach and I have been hugely impressed by their tireless work in challenging circumstances during the current floods. They will play a crucial role in the coming decade as they have done to date."

Selley's likely to have some difficult meetings to welcome him into the job, as Ofcom is expected to rule on Openreach's position, including whether or not it should be forcefully separated from BT, within weeks. [BT]

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