"Car Sick" Chris Evans May be Regretting Taking the Top Gear Job

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC's return to Top Gear has been beset by odd production rumours so far, with the latest being perhaps the most bizarre yet; a suggestion that new host Chris Evans was seen puking beside the road due to car sickness.

News of Evans' apparent vehicular nausea emerged after he was spotted "retching" at the side of the track following a spin in an Audi R8 V10 alongside co-presenter and pro race driver Sabine Schmitz. It's possible that Schmitz was driving like a loon specifically to unsettle Evans, although you'd think, being a collector of fast cars, he'd be used to going sideways amid the smell of leather.

The Daily Mail has actual images taken from a long lens video of the shoot, in which you can see that the host is clearly not particularly happy at the side of the Mazda Raceway track. Perhaps he was up to his old lad tricks again and was out driving after a night on the beers. Or maybe he really was car sick and Top Gear might therefore be the worst job of his life. We'll need to wait for his autobiography to find out. [Independent]

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