CES 2016: The Best of the Show So Far (Day 4 Update)

By Jack Tomlin on at

The annual consumer electronics madhouse that is CES has rolled into Las Vegas for another year, bringing with it mountains of tech and gadgets from some of the biggest names in technology.

So, rounded-up for your easy-access pleasure are all our stories from the show and the page is constantly updating. Bookmark it up and keep checking back to keep on top of all of this year's techy fare.


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Samsung Just (Almost) Killed the TV Bezel

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Acer's Liquid Jade Primo Wants To Be The Only Device You Use Read more >>


MC10's Wearable Sensors Are a First Step to Bioelectric Tattoos Read more >>

Casio’s Sensor-Packed Android Wear Watch Can Survive the Outdoors Longer Than You Read more >>

This Watch That Projects Movies Is Just Plain Crazy Read more >>

Garmin's Varia Vision Turns Your Oakleys Into a Cycling-Focused Google Glass Read more >>

Goodbye Chest Straps, Garmin's Fenix 3 Multisport GPS Watch Gains a Heart Rate Monitor Read more >>

Fitbit Gets Fancy With the New Blaze Fitness Tracker Read more >>

Hands On With HTC's UA Band: Simple, Plain, And a Damn Good Fitness Tracker Read more >>

You Can Use Regular Watch Bands on Misfit's New Ray Fitness Tracker Read more >>

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Omron Squeezed an Inflatable Blood Pressure Monitor Into a Watch Read more >>

This Power Bank Will Save You When You Forget to Charge Your Apple Watch Read more >>

A Giant E Ink Countdown on Withings' New Fitness Tracker Makes It Hard To Be Lazy Read More >>

Audio / Visual

Audio-Technica's New Turntable Will Play On Your Bluetooth Speakers Read more >>

Turn Your iPhone Into a Laser Measure With This Tiny Headphone Jack Accessory Read more >>

Listen to Wireless Audio All Over Your House With This Modular Philips Surround Sound System Read more >>

The Technics 1200 Turntable Is Back

Altec Lansing Wants DJs to Livestream Everything With These Camera Headphones Read more >>
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Virtual Reality

I Tried HTC's Newest Vive VR Headset. Here's What It Looks Like Read more >>

The New HTC Vive Pre Seems to Have Been Inspired By HoloLens Read more >>

Nvidia's Slapping Badges on VR-Ready Machines to Stop You Accidentally Buying the Wrong One Read more >>

Samsung's New Rink VR Controllers Look Like the 2016 Version of the Wii Read more >>


Ford, Amazon, and DJI Want to Make Self-Driving Cars That Talk to Your House and Drone Read more >>

Parrot's New Fix-Wing Drone is 50 MPH Party in the Sky Read more >>

Yuneec's New Drone Offers Pro-Level Images for Cheap Read More >>


It Looks Like Intel Made a PC-on-a-Stick That Doesn’t Suck Read more >>

The First 802.11ad Router Makes Your Wi-Fi Network Almost Three Times Faster Read more >>

TP-Link's New Touchscreen Router Is a Giant Leap Towards a Unified Smarthome Read more >>

Samsung's New Notebook 9 Laptops Are Preposterously Light Read more >>

Throw Your Valuables In This Wifi-Connected, Motion-Sensing Safe Read more >>

D-Link's Wireless Router Twins Ensure There Are No Dead Spots in Your House Read more >>

Seagate's Made One of the Best Portable Drives Even Thinner Read more >>

This New Huawei Tablet Is Almost Like a Giant Nexus 6P Read more >>

LaCie Put a Terabyte of Storage Inside a Shiny Chromed-Out VHS Cassette Case Read more >>

Porsche Design's New Desktop Drive Shares Power With Your 12-inch MacBook Read more >>

HP Goes Big With The New 15-Inch Spectre x360 Read more >>

Lenovo's New Droid-Shaped PC is an All-in-One Entertainment System Read more >>

Fisher-Price Now Has a Toy That Teaches Nursery Kids How to Code Read more >>

Acer Aspire Switch 12 S is a Fancy 2-In-1 With 4K Display, USB Type-C Read more >>

The Thinnest, Lightest Lenovo Yoga Laptop Includes Performance Trade-Offs Read more >>
Griffin’s New Quick-Release Cable Gives MagSafe Powers to USB-C Read more >>

The New Wi-Fi Will Reach Twice as Far Read more >>

Samsung's Adorably Tiny SSD Now Wraps 2TB in a Tougher Metal Housing Read more >>

Lenovo's Windows Tablet Has a Module For Every Need Read more >>

Samsung's Chromebook 3 Goes 11 Hours on a Charge and Shrugs Off Drops Read More >>

A Pass-Through Charging Port Makes Satechi's USB-C Expansion Dock Even Better Read More >>

You Can Throw This Tonka-Tough SSD Drive Around and Your Data Will Still Be Safe Read More >>

Here's the Tiny USB-C Card Reader Your 12-Inch MacBook Desperately Needs Read More >>


Kodak's New 4K Camera Captures Beautiful 360 Video For the Price of a GoPro Read more >>

Keymission 360 Is Nikon's First Ever Action Camera Read more >>

Nikon D5: The Super Overkill DSLR Strikes Again With 4K Video Read more >>

Capture Your Holiday Videos in Glorious 4K With Panasonic's New Compact Shooter Read more >>

Buy FLIR's Tiny New Thermal Camera If You Want to Spy on Your Dog Read more >>

Canon Smashes out New IXUS, LEGRIA and PowerShot Cameras Read more >>

This Medium-Format Camera Captures a Staggering 100 Megapixels Read more >>

Kodak Reveals a Digital Super 8 Camera That Records on Film… Wait What?! Read More >>


Ford's Autonomous Research Vehicle Is Actually Really Impressive Read more >>

Harman’s Voyager Drive Speakers Let You Take Your Car’s Sound System With You Read more >>

Garmin's New Sat Navs Can Spot Hazards on the Road Before You Do Read more >>

The First Pupil-Based Monitoring System Can Tell When a Driver is Too Distracted Read more >>

Oh No, Harman is Putting Microsoft Office in Your Car Read more >>

Nvidia's Autonomous Car Computer Makes 24 Trillion AI Operations a Second Read more >>

Faraday Future Will Challenge Tesla With This Crazy Electric Batmobile Concept Read more >>


Hands Too Filthy? You Can Open LG's New Fridge With a Foot Tap Read more >>

Whirlpool's New Washer and Dryer Automatically Restock Detergents Using Amazon Dash Read more >>


Police Raid Hoverboard Booth at CES

All the Gadgets at CES Look Like Sex Toys Read more >>

The Future of TV Is Beautifully Boring

IBM's Watson Will Morph Polite Pepper Into an Ultra-Intelligent Evil Genius Read more >>

Fiera's Foreplay Gadget Looks Like a Cross Between a Facehugger and a Mouse Read more >>

Is This the Autonomous Flying Taxi of Our Dreams? Read more >>

A Smart Home Connected Febreze Dispenser Makes Me Appreciate My Dumb Home Read more >>

Netflix Launches in 130 New Countries and China's Not One of Them Read more >>

Wacom's Digitising Notebook Can Finally Convert Handwriting To Text Read more >>

Sixteen Sensors Let Withings' New Forehead Thermometer Make Easy Instant Readings Read more >>

Throw Your Valuables In This Wifi-Connected, Motion-Sensing Safe Read More >>

Hands Too Filthy? You Can Open LG's New Fridge With a Foot Tap Read More >>

D-Link's Wireless Router Twins Ensure There Are No Dead Spots in Your House Read More >>

Black+Decker Put a USB Port on its New Bluetooth Batteries to Charge Your Phone Too Read More >>

If Positive, the First Bluetooth Pregnancy Test Gives Important Advice on What to do Next Read More >>