Daily Telegraph Bosses Bin Ridiculous Desk-Sitting Staff Spy Machines

By Gary Cutlack on at

For some unknown reason bosses at the Daily Telegraph thought it might be useful, or somehow trigger a rise in energy efficiency, to know when its staff were sitting at their desks -- hence the installation of the OccupEye under-desk person monitor.

The thing wasn't taking videos of groins or anything hugely offensive, instead relying on heat and motion sensors to detect when staff members were sitting at their desks. The heat signature and location data would then be used for... no one really knows what, although the Telegraph's bosses said it would be to "improve energy efficiency," it seemed to staff that it'd more likely be used for shouting at people for making too many cups of tea or ensuring no one's having unusually lengthy toilet breaks.

Whatever the reason, it's now history, despite only appearing on Monday morning. Prompted by the National Union of Journalists' accusation that the system amounted to surveillance of staff and mass negative feedback from employees the paper has removed the devices, so the groins of its staff may now wander about without the stress of monitoring. [Guardian]

Image credit: OccupEye

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