Deliberate Typos Are Ensuring the Star Trek Beyond Script Stays Secret

By Gary Cutlack on at

Incorrectly spelled planet names and improper use of the semicolon are being put to use, intentionally for once, by the producers of Star Trek Beyond -- who are using typos and formatting errors in copies of the script to identify potential leakers.

Despite the fact that the script seems to amount to little more than "Kirk rides motorbike, kicks aliens in head," that's the level they're going to to stop people finding out what the hell's going on. This comes from an interview 'Bones' actor Karl Urban gave to Entertainment Tonight, where he said: "We got red scripts that have our names printed on them. There are specific spelling mistakes incorporated into each draft, so that if it were to get out, they could still track it back to whose script it was."

That's not the only bombshell dropped by Entertainment Tonight. It also revealed there's some sort of family love tug of war centred around Sulu's boring home life, who emerges with a photo of his kid; a photo that actor John Cho said he got "out of a picture frame from Walgreens." [BGR via ET]

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