Don't Expect to Use Microsoft's HoloLens All Day

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've heard quite a bit about Microsoft's upcoming HoloLens AR headset since it was announced this time last year, but we've yet to hear everything. Thankfully Microsoft has revealed a few crucial details, including how long the headset's battery will last on a single charge.

Speaking at an event in Tel Aviv, Bruce Harris, one of Microsoft's Technical Evangelists, confirmed that the Hololens should last around five and a half hours of regular use and two and a half hours when pushed to its limits. That means you won't be able to strap on a headset and play holographic Minecraft all day.

Harris confirmed that the headset will be completely wireless, and capable of connecting to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled devices. He also revealed that people will be able to link multiple HoloLens devices together over the internet, so they can enjoy the exact same experience together. Any of you hoping to get your hands on a wired version are out of luck, because apparently Microsoft isn't making one.

As for field of view, which is the main concern people have had about HoloLens, Harris said that using the headset would be the equivalent of looking at a 15-inch monitor from two feet away. In other words, it's still not that great.

He did add that things like price and battery life will improve as Microsoft develops the tech, and this could mean that the field of view will improve with future iterations of the hardware. It doesn't sound like there's anything concrete at the moment, though.

Unfortunately we still don't know when HoloLens will go on sale, just that developer kits will be on sale for $3,000 in the coming months. [The Verge]