Edward Snowden Sneaked Into CES on a Pair of Wheels

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

He’s the world’s most wanted techie, yet he still managed to make an appearance at the world’s biggest gadget orgy. Edward Snowden didn’t quite pull a Jose Mourinho, smuggling himself to Vegas in a laundry basket, but caused a stir as his familiar face appeared on a screen attached to Beam, a robot on wheels.

Funnily enough, Beam manufacturer Suitable’s booth wasn’t too far from that of the US army. Despite delivering multiple plugs for the company, Snowden’s lawyer Ben Wizner says the great man wasn’t being paid for the appearance. Being Snowden, he urged manufacturers to double down on security measures and appeared critical of some companies, saying, "They don’t really think of the security of these things very much."

On a lighter note, he reportedly added, “The US government basically cancelled my passport, but I’m sitting here in Las Vegas with you guys at CES.” You’re welcome to visit our offices anytime. [Guardian]

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