Engineers Have Created Real Spider-Man Gloves For Climbing Up Walls

By Gary Cutlack on at

A group of engineering students with modern hair and beards have issued a statement on the possible existence of Spider-Man-like climbing technology, showing off a technique that seems to work -- and lets normal weight people climb walls.

The students were responding to a report by a rival group of boffins who said that due to the scaling-up limitations of science, there comes a point where Spider-Man's weight would outdo the strength needed to stick him to walls, making it impossible for Spider-Man to actually exist. Take that, Stan Lee.

However, the Stanford engineers disagree, saying it's more of a weight distribution issue than a pure strength to weight problem, arguing that even weakling science students can climb walls should they have the right materials and technique. Here's the proof of concept, in which a man actually does it:

And that's a slightly nerdy man like us -- and Peter Parker -- showing that even our weak and withered computer user arms and the right technique can be combined to be a real Spider-Man. [YouTube via Engadget]

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