Eric Schmidt Wants an AI Version of Himself, Called 'Not-Eric'

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Eric Schmidt this week threw all of his weight behind artificial intelligence, claiming that the advanced technologies could solve a number of the world’s biggest issues. According to Schmidt, AI systems could sift through more information than we ever could, and subsequently advise scientists about population growth, climate change and education.

The Google chairman is so enthusiastic about AI that he wants someone to create a digital version of himself, called ‘Not-Eric’. He also says that we’re at the start of a long journey, with AI right now feeling like the early days of the PC and mobile phone industries.

Schmidt’s pro-AI stance is hardly surprising, given Google’s approach. The company bought DeepMind in 2014 and has been working on its own autonomous car for yonks, after all. What was unexpected, however, was Schmidt’s apparent lack of awareness surrounding Google’s name. “Every single advance has occurred because smart people got in a room and eventually they standardised approaches,” he said. “The promise of this is so profound that we -- Alphabet, Google, whatever our name is at the moment -- are working incredibly hard to advance these platforms.”

You’re just like one of us -- go on then, bring on the robot revolution! [Bloomberg]

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