Everything's Pointing to a Thinner, Smaller New iPhone

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apple's scientists are having a go at further miniaturising camera sensors, patenting a system that uses a curved sensor and lens to cram more optical bits and bobs in yet thinner spaces.

The actual patent is for a "Small form factor high-resolution camera," one presumably small enough to fit inside the next generation of even thinner mobile telephones, despite the fact that we'd all rather have fatter phones with enormous batteries.

The magic, according to Apple's developers, is that there's a "spherically curved photosensor" inside this potential new camera tech, meaning that "sharp, high-resolution images" can be captured by a sensor with a depth of just 2mm. There are some pretty complicated technical caveats attached to the filing, though, with some serious processing needed to get rid of theĀ barrel distortion created by purposefully bending light with via a "correcting algorithm." [USPTO via Apple Insider]

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