Facebook Adds Tor Browsing for Paranoid Android Users

By Gary Cutlack on at

The social network has expanded its desktop Tor browsing tools to Android, meaning anyone with one of Google's smartphones should be able to idly leaf through a selection of shit memes posted by people you had something in common with in 2008 in complete privacy.

There are, as with everything dark internet related, some additional complexities involved. Users wanting to access Facebook through Tor on Android will also be needing separate proxy tool Orbot Tor for Android in order to get it working when the feature goes live in the next few days.

Speaking via equally anonymous messaging app signal, Tor spokesmedia person Kate Krauss said: "Everybody in the world needs more privacy online and almost everybody is on Facebook. This will allow people to choose whether to share their location or not. For some people, this is convenience. For others it is lifesaving."

And it'll be Android only for the time being, with Krauss saying there are no plans to bring such a feature to iOS. [Reuters via Digit]

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