Facebook Censors Anonymous For Amateur Murder Mystery Sleuthing

By Gary Cutlack on at

The regional line managers of Facebook Australia have decided that perhaps it's best to delete amateur murder mystery sleuthing from its site, reversing a previous decision and removing a post from Anonymous that commented on the death of teenager Cole Miller.

The social network was prompted to act after the Queensland law society had a say on the case, with the latter suggesting that online activist detective actions could put the prosecution of the alleged attacker at risk.

Facebook initially decided that the post by Anonymous Australia was fine according to its community standards, a decision it's now reversed. The post in question looked into the supposed character of Armstrong Renata, one of the two men charged with the attack that led to Cole's death, a post that the Queensland law society said was straying well into "electronic lynch mob" territory.

It picked up well over 40,000 shares and went spectacularly viral in Australia, so chances are anyone that was interested in the case would've seen it before it was pulled anyway, with Anonymous Australia saying it had: "...worked together to find a witness who the family had sought out, we have passed around a few fundraisers that have been made, we stood our ground on coward punches and we took a stand for what we believed in." [Guardian]

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