Facebook Could be Working on a Ride-Sharing Service

By Tom Pritchard on at

For a great many years Facebook has been to go-to place to publicise events and tell the world how you'll be spending your free time. Now a recent patent application suggests Facebook is going to turn the Events page into a ride-sharing hub.

Right now there are three RSVP options, Going, Not Going, and Interested. The patent details another two options, 'Going and driving' as well as 'Going and not driving'. That means friends and other attendees will be able to see if someone is driving to an event, and if they have any room in their car to offer someone else a lift. Not such a bad idea, all in all.

Plus, because Facebook is basically a depository of all your personal information, the patent also mentions pairing people up based on mutual interests. That way there won't be any arguments about the in-car music.

Finally, because Facebook isn't going to let you use a different service, the upgrade Events page will include detailed driving instructions so that whoever is driving knows exactly where to pick up passengers.

We don't know if and when this will actually be implemented into the main Facebook site, but it's safe to assume it'll end up as a separate app at some point. [USPTO via BGR]