Facebook's Not-So-Secret Desktop Messenger App Looks a Lot Like Skype

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Facebook could be working on aligning its desktop and mobile user experiences, and has reportedly created a standalone Messenger app for Mac users. The horrifically grainy image below claims to show the app being used by a Facebook employee, though the company itself has neither confirmed nor denied the program’s existence.

It appears to work in a similar manner to Skype, allowing users to respond to messages through an application, rather than the Facebook website. A dedicated desktop Messenger app could make it easier for Facebookers to swerve ads, though that hasn't stopped Zuckerberg and co from splitting Messenger from the main Facebook app on mobile.

Those of you with a long memory may recall that the company has already created and destoyed a desktop Messenger app for Windows users. It was officially introduced back in 2012, neglected and shut down in March 2014. Rollercoaster. [TechCrunch]

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