Fancy Being Paid £250 to Become a Hacker? Apply to GCHQ's Summer Schools

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

As part of its never-ending quest for fresh meat, GCHQ is trying to attract new cyber-talent by offering students £250 to attend one of its summer schools. The intelligence agency has four separate schemes spread out across the UK, and is inviting curious (or simply skint) over-18s to get stuck in.

Cheltenham-ers will be treated to Cyber Insiders, which will run from 4 July to 9 September, and allow participants to learn from a number of cybersecurity experts. Applicants, however, need to be either first- or second-year university students studying computer science, maths or physics.

The entry requirements for Cyber Exposure, meanwhile, are a little less strict. That course takes place between 11 July and 19 August in Scarborough, the Manchester area and the Thames Valley area. It’s open to any student with five or more GCSEs, including maths and English, though you also need to be on course to gain at least two C grades at A-level.

It sounds like a great opportunity to be brainwashed learn about the inner workings of the organisation and pick up some potentially lucrative hacking skills, all while snagging a nice bit of booze pocket money on the side. Oh, and if you're sneaky enough to impress the powers that be, you may be offered a permanent GCHQ role at the end of the summer. [BBC]

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