Farewell, Internet Explorers 8, 9, and 10, You Were Often Adequate

By Gary Cutlack on at

When mum first went on the internet, you were there. When dad, several years later, first looked at the Auto Trader website to see what his Volvo was worth, you were there. Thank you, Internet Explorer, for bringing the internet to a generation.

Us lot, of course, only ever opened it up on a new PC, typed "chrome download" into the Bing search box, then never touched it again. But just think, were it not for Internet Explorer coming pre-loaded on Windows, how much harder would it have been to install Chrome or Firefox or literally anything else as soon we booted up a new machine for the first time?

If Internet Explorer 8 hadn't come as part of Windows 7, we'd probably have had to use an FTP client to download Chrome, or put the Firefox installer onto a USB stick from another PC and use that. What a pain. Internet Explorer was a convenient gateway to a new world. The first step on a journey. The key to being online. A key that was subsequently lost and never used again, but still.

So yes, we're a little bit sad that Microsoft is ending support and security updates for all versions of IE apart from IE 11 next week, as it'll no doubt confuse a few parents and make them think that the whole internet's going to stop working and they'll end up having to get a smartphone to look at your Facebook page.

You can get Windows 8 from Microsoft still, as a memento.  [Microsoft via The Verge]

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