Fiera's Foreplay Gadget Looks Like a Cross Between a Facehugger and a Mouse

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Sex-oriented gadgets always get our juices flowing, and Fiera’s Arouser for Her is no exception. The company’s unveiled its naughty-and-nice wearable at CES in Vegas, and it’s designed to make real, proper, human foreplay a thing of the past. Cue a mix of outrage and celebration.

The Arouser for Her is a mini contraption that looks like a cross between a mouse and a Facehugger. It’s essentially a high-tech suction cup, which is designed to be worn over the clitoris. A trio of massagers inside are said to stimulate blood flow and increase vaginal lubrication. You can play around with massage patterns and intensity, to make sure you get as wet as possible.

At $250 (£170), it's not cheap, but can you really put a price on a good, juicy orgasm? Please don't answer that. Before using it, Fiera recommends using a mirror to really get to grips with your downstairs stuff. That'll get you right in the mood. [Verge]

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