French Government Says Silly Keyboards are Butchering The Language

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

France has finally decided to address its long-standing keyboard issue. Unlike in the UK, where QWERTY is king, French keyboards follow an AZERTY layout, but they’ve never ever been standardised. This means that manufacturers have confused the market with a wide range of models featuring different key layouts. Pretty silly.

This, according to the French government, has encouraged sloppiness amongst the population, who are often simply unable to figure out how to type out certain letters and symbols. Incredibly, computer users are required to tap two buttons to generate full-stops, and there are online guides for typing the ‘Ç’ character on French keyboards.

The government has called for AFNOR to cook up a standard keyboard layout, which members of the public will be able to offer feedback on this summer. Manufacturers will be able to ignore it if they want, but France's culture and communication ministry has said that public administration computers will have to adopt the new standard. [Verge, BBC]

Image: Timo via Flickr

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