Friends Reunited Finally Shuts Down After 15 Years

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Friends Reunited -- you know, Facebook’s sort of older brother? -- has been killed off, with founder Steve Pankhurst accepting that the site has had its day. Created back in 2000, Friends Reunited became enormously popular for enabling former school classmates to reconnect, though it quickly became a major source of controversy.

In its heyday, the popularity of the site prompted employers to scour the site to learn more about job candidates. Now, of course, a social media check is standard protocol. Unfortunately for Pankhurst, a certain Mark Zuckerberg would create Facebook in 2004, which would go on to do everything Friends Reunited did, plus plenty more. The message breaking the news reads:

The site is still used by a handful of members however it has become clear that the site is no longer really used for the purpose it was built for. For the site to continue it needs a complete re write and this is just not viable.

The majority of people have reacted to the announcement with surprise, with hundreds of Twitter users saying they thought the site had long been defunct. It may have lost its relevance over recent years, but Friends Reunited deserves huge respect for establishing itself as one of the original big social networks. [Medium, One Man & His Blog]

Image: Berkeley34

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