Future Disasters Could See Humans Evolve in Bizarre Ways

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

There are a lot of weird-shaped people in the world, but they’d all look perfectly (okay, relatively) normal next to Future Human. Speaking on Extant Season 2, paleoanthropologist Dr Matthew Skinner this week explained how people may develop in order to cope with rising sea levels, an asteroid impact, and even the colonisation of nearby planets.

In the first scenario, Skinner reckons we’d devolve, heading back to our fishy roots. The good old days. He believes our fingers and toes would become webbed, our eyelids transparent, and that some clever sod would build artificial gills to save us from spending most of our time treading water. Because of our reliance on these newfound gills, our lung capacity could drop and our rib cages could shrink, making us all look really badly-Photoshopped.

In scenario two, meanwhile, dust kicked up by the damn asteroid could block out the sun's loveliness, causing temperatures to plummet and the weaklings amongst us to die horrible, freezing deaths. Raw materials would be lost too, crippling our manufacturing capabilities and forcing us to go all gorilla, with physical dominance being used to attract mates. Our faces and noses may subsequently swell up, according to Skinner, in order to help us warm up the cold air we'll be breathing in.

Ready for the third case? If we carry on being irresponsible little planet-parasites and gobble up all of earth's precious resources, Skinner says we'd more than likely end up flying off to nearby planets (rich people first, of course) and living in sheltered environments. In this scenario, Skinner reckons we'd develop opposable big toes that could help us cope with weightlessness.

Exciting, isn't it? What’s your favourite? [SkyNews]

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