Future Samsung Galaxy Phones Could All Come With an Optional Stylus

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

A newly-published Samsung patent suggests that the South Korean company plans to eventually make all of its Galaxy-branded smartphones stylus-compatible. While everyone laughed at Apple for the Pencil it brought out alongside the iPad Pro, digital sticks can be genuinely rather useful -- the Surface Pen and S Pen are cases in point. Samsung may be about to step things up.

The patent describes a Samsung S View cover featuring a special slot to house an S Pen stylus. Currently, only the Note line of smartphones is S Pen-compatible, but such a move would see smaller Samsung handsets treated to some sticky action. Whether normal-sized phones really need stylus compatibility is debatable.

However, you can't simply scrape the S Pen across the screen of something like the Galaxy S6 and expect it to work. The Note 5's display features a special Wacom digitizer, which allows the stylus to do its magic. Until now, there's been very little talk of the upcoming Galaxy S7 featuring the digitiser, which makes us think this could be one for 2017. Or never. [SamMobile]

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