GCHQ is More Than Likely Secretly Monitoring Our Financial and Medical Records

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Theresa May seems to think it’s absolutely fine for the government to secretly collect our data, yet still believe that telling us what sort of information we’re powerless to stop being hoovered up would be madness. The home secretary this week refused to confirm or deny whether the UK’s secret services have been accessing people’s financial and medical records, saying she didn’t want to "go down the route of giving information about the sort of data sets that are being acquired.”

We all know what that means. Speaking to the draft Investigatory Powers Bill committee this week, May argued that the government’s collection of data does not equate to mass surveillance. It’s unclear whether she snorted as she said it. May and co essentially want to get their hands on every single scrap of information about us, including our pictures, text messages and internet histories. Definitely not mass surveillance.

The measures outlined in the bill are under scrutiny, and David Anderson, the UK's independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, reckons that if May fails to justify the bulk collection of data, the European Court of Justice could simply step in and scrap the plans. [BBC]

Image: HR Establishment via Flickr

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