Government Reportedly Planning a "Digital Bill" to Track... Everything?

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new "Digital Bill" is being lined up to cover all things electrical and to do with being on the internet all day, with the government said to be looking at implementing some new umbrella tech legislation and protection as soon as 2017.

This all comes from The Register, which quotes no source, and simply says that "sources familiar with its plans" have outlined the government's objective.

Such a Digital Bill would presumably act to roll up existing broadband and tech legislation into one extremely complex document covering everything from mobile spectrum to download speeds and how many megabits are enough to maintain our digital health, with the Department of Culture, Media and Sport heading the initiative.

The DCMS has already given hints as to its intentions, saying last month that: "Early next year, we’ll set out a new Digital Strategy for the UK, looking to the next five years. Working with colleagues across government it will set the agenda for the rest of the Parliament on digital, so that the UK continues to lead the way." [The Register]

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