Grand Theft Auto 5 Actor Suits up for Possible Single Player Expansion

By Gary Cutlack on at

The actor who portrays Grand Theft Auto 5 character Franklin has got the gaming parts of the internet even hotter and more flustered than usual, by posting an image to Instagram. It's a photo of him in a motion capture suit, sitting casually in what appears to be the heart (or reception) of GTA developer Rockstar; clearly hinting that the GTA development machine is firing up again.

More specifically, it would appear to suggest that some more single player story mode content is being created, an area of the game Rockstar hasn't expanded upon since it's been so thoroughly steamrollered into obscurity by the vast successes of messing around spin-off Grand Theft Auto Online.

Although it may also mean the actor, Shawn Fonteno, hasn't got much on and has been browsing through his old photos out of boredom. Or that Franklin is about to pop up in some GTA Online content. [Eurogamer]

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