How Much Would You Pay for Sky Q?

By Gerald Lynch on at

Whether the kids will be watching or not, Sky Q is about as exciting  a combo as a set-top box and TV service gets. But as the cream of Sky's already-pricey crop, it's likely to be expensive, and Sky's hesitance to reveal its cost to customers ahead of launch has hardly been reassuring.

But at the end of the day, what's in a price tag? In your head you'll already know how much your willing to spend on your telly-addict habits.

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So here's the question; how much cash would you be willing to fork out for Sky Q? Would you pay a premium for 4K viewing? Would you cough up cash for multi-room boxes to take advantage of the Fluid Viewing feature? Can you find a few extra coins if it means you could take your Sky box recordings on the go with you?

As a guide, current Sky TV bundles start at £20 a month, rising to £75 for the complete package. What's the future of TV worth to you?