How to Read WhatsApp Messages Without Those Blue Ticks Showing up

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Both the best and the worst thing about WhatsApp is the ticks system. Single grey tick: message sent; two grey ticks: message delivered; two blue ticks: message read. Once you've committed to -- or made the mistake of -- opening a message, you have to reply sharpish or risk causing offence. It's a pain, and partly why I’ve grown increasingly rubbish at replying to WhatsApp messages in a timely manner. This will only make me worse.

The next time you receive a message you're not quite ready to acknowledge, DON’T OPEN IT. Don't worry, there’s more. Go against everything you know and enable Airplane mode. Now you can read your messages on the sly, without the sender knowing. Those grey ticks will remain lovely and grey. Space grey perhaps? That's a story for another day. Once you've read and re-read to your heart's content, you can close WhatsApp, turn off Airplane mode and take time to formulate a measured answer, all while feeling like the too-popular-for-your-own-good mofo you always knew you'd grow up to be. [Digital Spy]

Image: YOPO Buzz via Flickr

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