I'd Definitely Ignore Fly Buys' Appeal for the Return of its New iPads

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

After essentially handing out free iPads to customers, Fly Buys has caused outrage by asking for them back. The New Zealand loyalty card company, which rewards customers with points for everyday purchases, accidentally made Apple’s tablet available for a single point, when it would usually be listed at somewhere around the 7,000 mark.

Though the crazy offer was taken down quickly, it’s believed that 600 customers managed to take advantage of the error. Unfortunately, rather than honouring the offer and paying for its mistake, Fly Buys is asking bargain-hunters to return the iPads. Just 17 units have been collected so far, and Fly Buys is reportedly refusing to hand over any more, despite the fact that they were snapped up fairly and squarely. [TVNZ]

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