I'm Totally Hypnotized By Samsung's Dancing Modular TV

By Mario Aguilar on at

When the TV explodes into eight individual panels, my mind exploded.

The black bars that appear on the top and bottom of your TV screen could be a thing of the past if Samsung ever brings this crazy modular TV panel concept to the world.

Samsung’s showcasing a concept at CES in which square panels can be arranged into whatever formulation makes the most sense. So if you’re watching a video in 21:9 format, you can rearrange the panels fit the more standard 16:9 HD aspect ratio.

And in a very extreme case, you can stack together an arseload of panels to make a 170-inch UHD TV as Samsung did. (Ed. note: This is basically how the massive signs in Times Square work.)

I'm Totally Hypnotized By Samsung's Dancing Modular TV

What’s really amazing is how seamlessly the panels line up. You really can’t see the line where one ends and the other begins.

OK, so this concept won’t be real any time soon, but it’s neat to thing that you might be able to stack and rearrange your TV into different shapes as if it were made of Lego bricks.

Video editing by Melissa Murray

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