iPad Air 3 Set to Land in March With Apple Pencil Flashiness

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

There isn’t a great deal of mystery surrounding Apple’s ‘surprise’ March event anymore. Everyone’s pretty sure that a new 4-inch iPhone will arrive, alongside a bunch of other Apple-branded goodies. The latest leak slaps the iPad Air 3 on the table.

According to fresh goss, the new version of Apple’s 9.7-incher will come packing iPad Pro-inspired speakers and support for the glorious Apple Pencil. Idiots will also be excited by talk of a rear-facing LED flash, which will make them stand out even more than usual when they use the device to take pictures in public.

The big unveiling is expected to take place at some point during the week starting 14 March, though Apple’s yet to fix a firm date. By the way, the latest news on the iPhone wtf 5se (surely not its actual name) front is that it will squeeze in both an A9 and an M9 chip, so Siri’ll always be at your beck and call. Always.

Hold onto your hats. As if all that iPad and iPhone talk wasn’t enough, we’re also hearing that the big Apple Watch update will consist of tweaked software and a wider range of bands. Well, that's better than just new bands. [9to5Mac]

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