ISIS' Next Big Weapon Could Be Mannequin-Driven, Remote Control Car Bombs

By Gary Cutlack on at

The trend for self-driving cars has even spread to the terrorist development labs of the trouble causing upstarts of ISIS, who are working on remote control cars, packed with bombs, and fitted out with decoy dummies so the police don't cotton on until it's too late.

The news comes from a dramatic and quite shocking Sky News report into weaponry under development by ISIS, which is based on a cache of videos pulled from a seized hard drive. The report leads with the remote control car, suggesting the DIY rolling weapon could be replicated by "sleeper cells" around the world, doing away with the need for the suicide part of the group's usual suicide bomb plots.

The mannequin is sort of a smart mannequin too, with the innovative bombers covering it with a wire mesh and heating it up, to ensure it has a heat signature that matches the human body. It would all be quite clever and amusing, were it not for the fact that they plan on driving one to where we do out shopping when it's finished.

Perhaps even more troubling is the claim that ISIS has the ability to "recommission thousands of missiles" thought to be out of service by western government, with the clip showing amatuer weapons experts reconfiguring old jet missiles to be used from the ground. [Foxtrot Alpha

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