London Cabbies Consider Court Action over Uber's Tiny Tax Bill

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association, a group that represents black cab drivers in London, is thinking of pushing for a judicial review of Uber's license to operate in London, claiming that the fact it only paid as much tax as "four black-cab drivers" means it's not fit to be allowed to ferry people about the capital.

Last year it was revealed that Uber paid just £22,134 in UK corporation tax in one year, a bill that LTDA general secretary Steve McNamara says is roughly equivalent to the tax contribution of just four black cab operators. McNamara explained: "We’re looking at a judicial review of Uber’s original licence. It seems to us that Uber is not fit and proper. Uber is a worldwide conglomerate that has ignored regulators in other parts of the world. How can it be fit and proper in London?"

Uber, of course, say it's all above board and that it's new and isn't yet raking it in hand over fist, saying: "We make a loss and corporation taxes are paid on profits not revenues. In addition the vast majority of the revenue generated via our technology stays with our driver-partners in the local economy. When it comes to comparisons with taxis unlike black cabs we don’t take cash so all payments to drivers are traceable by the tax authorities." [Guardian]

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