London Coppers Warned to Arrest More People, Or Else

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The Metropolitan Police force has called for coppers to up their arresting game, because stopping, searching and freeing is just annoying for everyone. The people at the top insist that 20 per cent of stop-and-searches should lead to an arrest, and the majority of the capital’s boroughs are lagging behind.

Essentially, loads of shifty-looking, but ultimately innocent, people are being inconvenienced by over-eager officers. According to figures from the Stop and Search Monitoring System report, 13,227 people were stopped and searched in London last November, with 18.7 per cent of these leading to an arrest.

Being the most fun part of the job, it seems unusual for the conversion figures to be so low. However, chair of the London Assembly’s Police and Committee Joanne McCartney reckons that the issues come down to confidence and training methods. Slightly concerning, now we know that 600 extra armed officers are set to hit the streets. If the figures don't rise sharpish, there's a real chance that everyone will be dragged over to one of those training day things, and criminals will have the streets to themselves (not really).

With a grand total of 1,077, Lambeth had the highest number of stop-and-searches in November, and 22 per cent led to arrests. The Sutton Bill performed best of all though, converting 25 per cent of their 172 chances. That’s accuracy. Camden cops didn’t fare so well, with only 11.5 per cent of the 593 people who were stopped and searched making it into the back of a police car. Chins up, chaps. [Londonist]

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