London Mayoral Candidate Sadiq Khan Would Scrap the Emirates Air Line For Flat Travel Prices

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

With Londoners smarting over 2016’s fare rises, Labour’s Sadiq Khan has reiterated his pledge to freeze TfL travel prices for four years if he’s elected Mayor of London in May. Khan says he’d also tweak the rules to allow bus users to switch vehicles as many times as they need to within an hour for free, as well as end any further public funding for the Emirates Air Line.

Boris Johnson opened the cool but rarely-used cable car system, which is owned by TfL and sponsored by Emirates, back in 2012. The companies are locked into a 10-year, £36 million contract, though TfL has the option to use a break clause to end the deal in 2017. Such a move would incur a £5 million fee, which is the same amount it costs to keep the Emirates Air Line running each year.

Khan also intends to double down on fare evaders, who cost over £60 million in lost revenue over 2015, and claims to have identified significant back office savings too. [MayorWatch]

Image: Juliana Lauletta via Flickr

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