London's 'Smart City' Experiment Involves the Thames Heating Homes

By Gary Cutlack on at

London has signed up to one of the EU's smartening-upping schemes, with the city set to benefit from inclusion in the Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse project.

There won't be any lighthouses, confusingly. Instead, a basket of possibly futuristic "smart" technologies will be tested in part of the city, including the concept of generating power from the Thames to heat homes and funneling extra funding into putting more solar panels on the roofs of homes.

The word "smart" will be popping up all over Greenwich, basically, with 300 smart parking bays launched to, somehow, add a layer of fun to the miserable art of leaving your car somewhere, a pool of shared electric bikes will be introduced to make cycling around the flat Greenwich basin even easier than it already is, plus an interesting heating system using the flow of the Thames to generate power will be tested, using a heat pump to warm water for use in space heating and home hot water.

London's getting a chunk of a €25m trans-European pot to test these things that may or may not change urban life as we know it. [London via Cities Today]

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