Major TalkTalk Outage Leaves Customers Without Phone or Internet Access

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

New Year, new TalkTalk. The mobile operator has kicked off 2016 with a brand new set of problems. Its phone network is currently down, leaving the customers who decided to stick with the company's services unable to make or receive calls.

TalkTalk has confirmed that there are issues with its services, but says that only 'some' landlines are affected. Here's the company's statement:

We’re experiencing problems with no dial tones on some landlines. If you're affected by this, you may still be able to make or receive calls. We're working hard to fix this issue and will provide a further update here by 2:00pm today. We're really sorry for any inconvenience caused, due to this fault we're experiencing high call volumes.

Users are struggling to get through the customer support, which has likely been inundated with messages (probably not calls). It’s unclear how long the network problems have been going on for, though one customer claims that her internet and phone line have been down for three days.

Last year, of course, TalkTalk was involved in a massive hack, which affected over 100,000 customers. [Register]

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