Men With Hidden Cameras to Gather in London on Sunday for "No Trousers" Tube Nonsense

By Gary Cutlack on at

An improvisational flashmob -- like a terrorist sleeper cell but worse -- is attempting to rouse interest in public nudity and bring the tiresome flashmob trend back from the dead, by again organising a worldwide "no pants" travelling day. And poor them for always having to explain that we call them trousers in the UK.

Organised by Improv Everywhere, the No Trousers Tube Ride London event will -- if it's not too cold -- take place this Sunday at 3:00pm, with locals invited to get on an Underground train and take off their pants (trousers) in public. We're not sure of the reasoning behind it, presumably it's just so that everyone involved can have something to smugly post about on social media for the next hour or two, before going home alone to seek harder material online.

It's unlikely to be much of a success in the aloof capital either, as Improv Everywhere says that only "over 300" Londoners took park in last year's event, presumably as the state of everyone's underpants is pretty poor because of the recession and everyone's feeling a bit overweight at this time of year. You're unlikely to see any bottoms as good or as well maintained as the ones in the advert.

They want to do it in August, when people are taking their clothes off on some of London's deeper Underground lines without being prompted to avoid heat-related strokes and deaths, plus everyone's sweated off a few stone so their legs start joining together a bit higher up. [Improv Everywhere via Standard]

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