Microsoft Band and Apple Watch Detect Life in Raw Meat and a Sofa

By Gary Cutlack on at

Someone for reasons unknown thought it might be a laugh to risk a case of campylobacter by strapping a sportwatch to a lump of raw meat. The results will amaze you.

Because the Microsoft Band used reported back that the piece of uncooked chicken breast had a heart rate of 120bpm, meaning it was either still somehow alive, had been really worn out by the trip from fridge to worktop, or... the Band is quite stupid.

People with knowledge of such matters suggest that the Microsoft Band isn't actually reading a pulse in the meat -- that would be mad -- but is actually registering changes in flickering from a nearby light source.  The poster of the original picture, however, insists that the Band still registers the meat as being alive even when only in natural light, suggesting that the behaviour is more likely to be driven by the device's internal clock.

Meanwhile, this prompted someone to put an Apple Watch on their sofa to test its heart rate. The sofa's much more relaxed, as you might expect of a soft furnishing, recording a heart rate of just 107bpm. [Twitter via Metro]

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