Monopoly Board Updated With Modern London Rents

By Gary Cutlack on at

Thinking you might be able to afford a flatshare in Old Kent Road when the boat comes in and you land a plump non-paid internship with a London-based social media company thanks to all those  funny things you've put on Facebook? Think again.

A property rental company has compared some of London's actual rent prices with those featured on the classic Monopoly board, and the results aren't pretty. The cheapest spot on the brown cul-de-sacs of the Old Kent Road -- previously advertised at £60 within the Monopoly universe -- is now up to an average of £815.

As if it didn't look bad enough, those are 2015 average rent figures for just a room. Like, probably just a cupboard with a sleeping bag in it and the landlord's shoes and coats on the walls. And you have to sleep with him if you're a woman else it's £75 extra.

Plus this image will already be out of date given how quickly rents are being raised by overseas property investors who want all the people to move to Bristol so it's less busy, so add another 4.5 per cent to those numbers, or even more if you're not reading this page on January 29th. But here's the full calculation anyway:


So if you're looking for a place to rent in London, you might want to start investigating rooms in some of the more extreme fringes of the commuter belt, like... Nottingham. [Homes & Property]

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