Musk Says Driving Non-Autonomous Cars Will Soon Be Like Horse-Riding

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Elon Musk, the guy everyone sort of wants to be, says he’ll welcome automotive competition from Apple when the Apple Car -- or whatever it’ll be called -- lands, but can't imagine such a creation posing any sort of threat to Tesla. The Musk-man's convinced that Tim Cook's building an electric vehicle, and reckons that Apple’s arrival on the scene would “expand the industry.”

Rumours about an Apple-built cars have slowly gained momentum over the past few years and, unless Apple’s created a huge decoy, the company looks odds-on to produce its own range of vehicles. It recently registered the, and domain names, and has also hired a load of engineers, many of whom were poached from Tesla. It appears that Musk has calmed down a little since his last anti-Apple outburst, where he claimed that only people unable to make it at Tesla were good enough for Apple.

Almost every car company seems to want a slice of the self-driving pie, and Musk is absolutely convinced that non-autonomous driving will soon be a hobby, rather than a necessity. "In the long term, nobody will buy a car unless it's autonomous," he said. "Owning a car that is not self-driving in the long term will be like owning a horse - you would own it and use it for sentimental reasons but not for daily use." [BBC]

Image: Goran via Flickr

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